Time for some unfinished business


It was an amazing end to a great season, holding on to beat the Diamondbacks the way we did. But our work is only beginning, in a way. We definitely have some unfinished business with the Cardinals after the way they swept us in the playoffs last year.

Last year, getting there was pretty exciting. We weren?t prepared to go any further. This year, everyone?s excited again about going to the playoffs, but this team is built for the postseason. There are no weaknesses here.

We?ve played a lot of close games all year long, so that should prepare us for what?s ahead. We?ve also been playing our best baseball down the stretch, which is the way you want to go into the postseason. We had the best record in the league (19-9) in September, and they were all meaningful, pressure games, because the Dodgers and Phillies were able to keep the pressure on us all the way.

We have a lot of depth, a nice mixture of youth and guys who have been there. You see guys like Josh Barfield and Adrian Gonzalez, how they?ve grown over the course of the year, and it?s great to be a part of that. Both those guys have come a long way and played huge roles for us. Having that blend of youthful exuberance and cool-headed veterans is what you want.

We?ve beaten some of the best pitchers in the National League -? Chris Carpenter and Brandon Webb on this last road trip. Hopefully, we?ll continue to do that. We?ve got a lot of different ways we can hurt you. All through the lineup there are guys who have had big years, good years.

Obviously, pitching and defense keep us in ballgames; we?ve got all the confidence in the world we?ll do whatever it takes to win games.

I feel as good as I?ve felt all year physically. It?s been a very satisfying season in a lot of respects, but after the season is over is when I?ll be able to reflect on that, what it all means. Playing every day on a team like this and doing my job — getting on base, making things happen, playing solid defense ?- has been extremely gratifying.

This is a team in every respect. These guys really care about each other. The chemistry has been strong all season long. We?re very confident in our ability to handle any situation. This is a good baseball team.


  1. arussell@cqg.com

    I have been a Padre fan for over 20 years and it has been a real joy to see this 2006 team play. I think today’s team is stronger than the 1998 team and 1984 team both (even without Tony). You guys get out there and show the league what you are made of and get that ring. Dave, give my personal best to all and thanks for a great season.


  2. ladyinacobra@hotmail.com

    Way to go big Dave. I love to watch & listen to you guys play. I am so excited about playoffs. Knock em outta the park

  3. livlib@hotmail.com

    GO get ’em, Davy! And all the rest of the former Sox on the Padres roster … Along with rooting for someone – anyone – to knock the smirk of them Spankees’ face, I’m pulling for you guys to get it done this year …

  4. matafamily@cox.net

    Congrats to you and the rest of the team for making the playoffs two years in a row! Baseball in October is one of the best times of the year. As an RBV alumni it’s exciting to see and root for one of our own! Hook em’ Horns… I mean Let’s go Padres!!

  5. mellsler@hotmail.com

    Good job today Dave. Big deal. So you guys didn’t come through in game 1. A lot worse things have happened today! Just stay loose and have fun. You guys gave us so much to cheer about in September and the same will be true in October. Thursday will be a brighter day for all of us in San Diego!

  6. tinaf@cox.net

    Hi, I replied earlier with an incorrect stat and my son corrected me that the pads went 10-3 since dodger series. My bad. My son knows his baseball and most definitely has great faith in our Pads as do I! -Tina

  7. todd_kaufmann@yahoo.com

    Dave, as you can tell, a lot of us Padre fans enjoy the way you play and enjoy your enthusiasm and love for the game. I know you’re a Free Agent at the end of the season and I know I speak for a lot of us when I say I want to see you get to spend your last years in baseball in a Padre uniform.

  8. pbdid@hotmail.com

    Dave, the padres can not win this series with just pitching. Hitting is the main key. I really am mad that whatever our pitching staff has to do it never works out. And today I saw that Weaver’s stuff wasnt overpowering. We got some hits but when it came up to executing it didnt work. I dont know how long this can last. Tell the guys to step up. Were is all he bats when we need them. WE NEED HITS! Or maybe you can steal second base again, and then the padres can go to the world series like the BoSox

  9. ct_duncan@yahoo.com

    It’s time to write a prescription. Whether you asked for it or not, you are the sparkplug. Spread your emotion to the clubhouse. It’s time.


  10. metalmilita87@yahoo.com.mx

    I cant believe Weaver won a game, dave deserves three year contract with the pads, hope to see this deal done right after october.

    Anyway dave, please wake this players up, this aint the season this is postseason and i know you guys are gonna bounce back and bring back the series to petco.

    Gooooo Pads!

  11. mmarlow777@yahoo.com


  12. greatest81@hotmail.com

    Hey Doc,
    After two games at home, business was not taken care of!!! If you guys win two games in St Louis, you guys should request to play the fifth game on the road, since you guys dont play well at home.

  13. tpiscitello@bngconsultants.com

    Dave, you’re a huge asset to the Padres lineup. You carry yourself well and we are honored to have you represent San Diego. You’re a veteran in the playoffs and MUST be the spark to get the Pads winning again. Now go to St. Louis and get two wins and we’ll see you for Game 5 at Petco!!!

  14. popekitty@cox.net

    Don’t ever give up! I have been stalking you guys all season and was really “proud” when you won the west! I am listening to the game now and your up to bat…. BASE HIT!!!! You rock!

  15. spongebobjared1994@sbcglobal.net

    yea go CARDS i love the cardinals but u guys are okay but the cards rule i thought u guys would beat us cause u beat us all season but hey i think we will lose to the mets but u guys maid it pretty far please e-mail me at SPONGEBOBJARED94@SBCGLOBAL.NET BUT NOT all capitols see ya next year i love the cards they rule

  16. jimauckland@cox.net

    Hi Dave,

    We played golf with your dad, Wayman, at Pala Mesa. He’s a really great guy and fun golf partner, and he BARELY bragged about you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, he only mentioned you because we asked if he had any kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please tell Wayman he’s one of the most fun people to play golf with, and we’ll never tell anyone how many balls he lost. He found a few….that weren’t his, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tell him we said “hi” and if he ever wants another round, come down and visit us in New Zealand and to bring your mom.

    Jim and Sandy

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