Keep the faith

Daveandmike_1 It is discouraging to lose the first game of the playoffs against a very good Cardinals team, but this is definitely a different Padres ballclub than last year. There’s no panic in here. This team has come back so many times, there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.

Even after Albert Pujols hit the two-run homer off Jake Peavy in the fourth inning and they got another run, I still felt we were going to win the game. That’s how confident I am in our ability to come back and score runs. We had the opportunities but just didn’t capitalize. That’s baseball.

Last year we were pretty much devastated after losing Game 1 to St. Louis, because there was a big drop-off in the staff after Jake Peavy. I don’t see David Wells and Chris Young as a drop-off.

The big difference this year is our starting pitching. When you’ve got David Wells going Thursday in Game 2 and Chris Young on Saturday in Game 3, you feel good about your chances. We’re looking forward to winning Game 2 and getting the momentum going.

Against a great pitcher like Chris Carpenter, all you can do is give yourselves opportunities. I’m just trying to have good at-bats, trying to make him work out there. He’s as tough as they come, and I’m trying to make sure he earns everything he gets. I thought we did a pretty decent job of that, but he was able to get outs when he needed them.

I was trying to get things started, do my job as a leadoff man, and was able to contribute singles in the first and fourth innings and a triple in the sixth inning against a tremendous pitcher.

The crowd was great all day; they were very energetic, waiting to do everything they could to give us energy. I really felt we were going to get something going after the triple, when I scored on Brian Giles‘ sacrifice fly, but they were able to do some damage control. That’s what makes Carpenter great.

Carp made great pitches when he had to, and then they made a couple of very good plays when they had to — Ronnie Belliard taking a hit and two runs away from Todd Walker in the seventh and Pujols taking an RBI single away from Mike Piazza in the eighth. That’s three runs we could have had there, and it’s a different game.

But, again, you have to give them credit for their positioning. Tony La Russa and his staff are always thoroughly prepared. That’s why they’ve had the success they’ve had.

In day games here, it can be tough to see with the shadows later in the game. It’s important to get a lead early in this park, and I think those guys know that as well. When the shadows come into play, it makes it that much tougher.

Nobody here underestimates the Cardinals, believe me. It’s easy to look at what they did in September when they tailed off, but you look at their lineup, what those guys have done in the postseason. They had professional at-bats, and  those were the guys who hurt us today, guys like Pujols, Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen.

We’ve been a resilient club, especially during September when we had to keep winning games to stay in the race. We showed how we could come back after the Dodgers beat us that Monday night in L.A. with the home runs. We came right back and won the next night to go back into first place.

I have great faith and confidence in these guys.



    I think it’s great that Doc has this forum to talk to the fans about the game. It was a tough loss but I agree with Dr. that we need to hang on and remember what has happened after that fateful night with LA. The pads went 15-3. I know the padres have what it takes. Thx. Tina- Oceanside


    I think it’s great that Doc has this forum to talk to the fans about the game. It was a tough loss but I agree with Dr. that we need to hang on and remember what has happened after that fateful night with LA. The pads went 15-3. I know the padres have what it takes. Thx. Tina- Oceanside


    Hey Doc,
    Very well said. Yes things did not go the teams way, but this team is far to good to get swept again. With Boomer and Then Chris they should be in good shape to win this thing and move on.


    Nice one Doc. I wasn’t nearly as stressed after today’s loss as I was after game 1 last year. We’ll back on Thursday to cheer you all on. Go Pads!


    You are the man!!! Keep up the great work. You are the sparkplug to the success of this Padres offense. I have never seen a Padres ballclub in history bounce back from adversity like this ’06 team. We know you guys will not roll over. This series is going 5. Pads win on Monday back home at Petco.


    Dave, you were awesome today. The team just needs to capitolize on key opportunities. Keep up the strong work and I know the Padres can follow your lead!


    Mr. Roberts is you ever read these comments you are my idol. You bring the classic style of play to the Padres with your aggresive play, hard working attidude, and team-first mentality. I hope that the Padres get more player like you because you’re the most exciting man on the field. Please, keep up the good work.


    Dave, you were incredible today! I know we can take this series from the Cardinals, especially with you at the top of your game like in today’s game. I’m still keeping the faith.


    I was at the game today and Mr. Roberts, I love watching you play the game of baseball. You play hard and what I love the most is that you get dirty. Great game today and lets take care of business thursday and for the rest of the playoffs. By the way, I’m sure i’m speaking for all pads fans when I say this: please come back next year because you are one of the main reasons we are in the playoffs.


    Dave, Congratulations, on today?s performance. While the team could not capitalize, this team is different than last year?s. Last year I felt happy that the Padres were in but you could see that our chances of going deep were challenging. This year it?s a TEAM effort. The media actually seems respectful and are giving the TEAM a chance. This team has the stuff to go all the way. I am most impressed with the Character of this team. While our other San Diego team seems to be dealing with shootings and narcotic charges off the field. It?s INSPIRING to read articles like the one on Trevor Hoffman, Bochy and Towers in the USA TODAY. Thanks for the INSPIRATION!!!


    Doc, thanks for sharing your thoughts about yesterday’s game. Also congrats on your outstanding performance! I’m sure you guys will jump back tomorrow tonight with Boomer on the mound and beat Weaver. We’re a small group of Padres fans over here in Switzerland and we’re wishing you and the guys the best of luck! Go Padres!!


    You were the only padre that executed in yesterdays game. Couldnt you spread some of that intensity to the other players? The biggest dissappointment in yesterdays game was not having Adrian, Mike Piazza, or Mark Bellhorn get clutch hits. Something has to change for next games if the Padres want to win the series. Get out of Season Mode and get into Playoff Mode! Go Pads!


    Doc, you guys know your stuff. No team can win every game but the Pads do better than most. There is so much talent on this team, it’s incredible, and every win (and every loss) is a full team effort. You guys played well yesterday, just missed a few opportunities. You’ll get ’em on Thursday. And we’ll be there watching and cheering you on! GO PADS!!


    From my son and all the San Diego troops in Iraq…GO PADS! They are able to see games and are rooting for you. We (the parents) were at the games in Arizona (saw the clinch…AWESOME!!) and have been behind the PADS all season long. We will always Keep the Faith! We are proud to be a part of this team, a family! As one of our Madres said, “Mission October ACCOMPLISHED!”. Let’s just finish it off with MISSION OCTOBER COMPLETED!!!


    Dave… outstanding game yesterday! I have battled all season living in the Central Valley trying to watch my favorite team amongst a sea of Giants fans and just love what you guys bring to the table. SD is a true team in every sense of the word with heroes throughout the lineup. This one has what it takes to go all the way and I’ll be screamin’ for ya from miles away! YOU are what baseball is truly about and it’s been a pleasure rooting for you and the Pads! Knock ’em dead tomorrow, kids!


    The DR is in! Dave, I can’t begin to tell you how much I have appreciated you, your attitude and the way you play the game. My heart soared each and every time you came to the plate yesterday. For one small moment, hope was born. Thank you for it and for this blog. LET’S GO PADRES!


    You were awesome on Tuesday, even if the team was unable to get a read on Carpenter. It was a disappointing Game 1, but I’m certain you guys have what it takes this year, and you will even it up tomorrow in Game 2! GO PADS!!!


    Dave, I’m proud to watch you play out there for the Padres. I can’t believe that not too long ago you were a minor leaguer giving hitting lessons to kids at Prime Time. You were an inspiration to me back then and you continue to be now. You rose up from the bottom to become one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball and I love watching you play. You play hard and you never give in, and you’re pretty **** good too. Keep going strong with that inside-out swing.


    Dave, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes, Game 1 was disappointing, but the fans here in San Diego will be back tomorrow in mass as we were in Game 1. Keep the Faith!


    I love you so much Doc! Without you the Padres would be lost. Keep up the good work and keep the faith baby.

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