Hitting the road


This wasn’t what we had in mind, obviously. I really felt we were going to bounce back and win Game 2 behind David Wells, and Boomer did his part. We just couldn’t break through against Jeff Weaver and their bullpen.

It can’t get much more frustrating than one run in two games. I don’t really understand why we have these rough times at PETCO Park, but maybe the best thing for us now is getting on the road, where we’ve consistently played our best baseball.

We’ve talked all year about how resilient this team is, and there’s a good reason for that — it is an incredibly resilient baseball team. I look back to so many points in the season where we could have packed it in, but that didn’t happen. And I don’t expect it to happen on Saturday in Game 3 behind big Chris Young.

This guy has been a great pitcher for us all year, especially on the road. There’s no particular reason for that, I don’t think, but when a guy hasn’t lost a game on the road, it just kind of builds a momentum, I think. But even with Chris at the top of his game, the way he’s been down the stretch, we still have to figure out ways to score.

We’ve had success in the past against Jeff Suppan, and we played well at the new Busch Stadium when we were there on our last road trip. We won the first two games of that series and had a lead behind Young in the third game before Albert Pujols hit that three-run homer.

They’re a good ballclub; we knew that coming in. No surprises there. They’d had some injuries late in the season, but they’ve got their whole club back together, and those guys know how to play. But so do we, and we’ve shown it all year.

Obviously, they’re getting the timely hitting and making plays defensively as well as pitching lights-out. Put those factors together, and it’s winning baseball.

I thought we’d get some momentum going when I made the throw home, and Josh Bard made such a great play to get Juan Encarnacion trying to score in the second inning on Ronnie Belliard‘s hit. But we just couldn’t get our offense in gear for some reason.

Weaver was good, and his confidence seemed to grow once he got out of that first-inning jam, leaving two guys on. He was ahead all day after that and kept throwing his curveball. It wasn’t like Chris Carpenter in the first game — overpowering, electric. But Jeff had good command of the strike zone with his breaking ball and made pitches when he needed them.

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and move on. That’s what we’re doing. You give a team respect, but at the same time, we know we can beat these guys if we play our game.

People ask me all the time why we hit so much better on the road, and I wish I knew. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing at PETCO Park these past two seasons. It was mentioned that this might have been my final game at home in a Padres uniform — I’m due for free agency, it looks like — but that only was in my mind for a heartbeat before I moved on and started thinking about St. Louis and Game 3.

Obviously, we have to win. I  have no doubt in my mind, none whatsoever, that we can get two wins there and bring the series back home.


  1. kmbrenske-10@sandiego.edu

    Dave, I know you guys will get it together and come out of this winning I really have faith. I think it is really awesome that you write all of these blogs and if this organization doesn’t sign you next year I will be soo dissapointed! I really really enjoy watching you play. Go Pads!

  2. jules11806@yahoo.com

    Thanks for always playing with such spirit and energy. I too have no doubt all of you will do what it takes to bring the series back home to San Diego!

    We love to watch all of you ?PLAY?.

    Stay steady, breath,and swing smoothly. GO PADRES!!!

  3. tinaf@cox.net

    I was so proud of a lot of defensive plays the padres made in game two. Dave’s throw for the play at the plate that Bard made! WOW. Adrian’s foul ball catch, Doc’s diving catch out field today was awesome, it was #1 web gem on espn tonight. Defensively you boys were on the money. Let’s turn them bats on ๐Ÿ™‚ Your city is behind you 120% God bless.

  4. mikepaco@gmail.com

    Keep the faith, we got some great pitchers backing you guys up. You were part of a Red Sox team that defied all odds, lets see if you do it again.

  5. sxetiger@hotmail.com

    Dave, I really do hope that you stay a Padre. That would mean the world to me–you’ve been fantastic all year long, not only as a player, but as a person too. I had to move away from San Diego this summer and it broke my heart, but i’ve been listening to practically every game on the radio and i’m a Padre fan for life. Plus, we have the same birthday and that’s pretty sweet.

  6. hed0nisticpat@gmail.com

    Wow, Dave.

    This blog is great. I’ve never really had a big league perspective on the game I love so much. It’s good to hear that you guys are deeply affected by the turn of events in the playoffs. Sometimes I don’t really know if you guys approach it strictly as a “job” or if it’s really getting to you. Now I know.

    Anyway, first time I saw you play was in the 2004 ALCS when you miraculously stole second to set up the tying run. Then you became a Padre (Boston’s loss) and I’ve loved watching you play ever since.

    Great defense today with the throw home and with the diving catch.

    Nice job on being able to break through Carpenter’s “electric” stuff as well. Wasn’t so electric to you and Brian, now was it?

    As stated above, I also hope you remain a Padre, but I understand the nature of the business. I suppose KT learned his lesson with Nady languishing as a “bench” player when he was clearly destined for a starting position somewhere. Ben Johnson deserves his chance, but it’s a ***** shame it might have to come at your expense.

    This is getting long, but I was just pretty excited to happen upon this blog. Once again, really great to get your perspective on things Dave.

    I was wondering if you’d be able to do me a favor. Tell Adrian Gonzalez that we still talk about him all the time at Eastlake High School. He’s the most famous Titan to have ever attended Eastlake.

    Good luck in game three and here’s to a repeat of 1984, when we bounced back from a two game deficit and beat the Cubs in three straight games.

  7. mario_masv@hotmail.com

    Dave, it’s been difficult for you guys not to be able to get the clutch hit when needed, and it must be very dificult for you to head to STL with a 0-2, but just remember than you can get trought this, I really think this team can, Chirs Young is as good as it gets and you’ll have Peavy for game 4, so you just go out and tell your teammates to do what they have been doing so nicely all year long, get cuality ab, if the pitcher puts one down the middle in the first pitch, smoke it, they have been doing that all series long, have some fun, KEEP THE FAITH, i’ve always done.
    I don’t know if you remeber Sep 17, 2004. my friends were SO bored, they suggested us to just return to Ensenada by then 8th inning, but I never los thope on the team, and it payed of with a 9th inning 2 outs 5-run rally to tie and eventually with in walk off fashion in the 12th. I hope you guys trust your abilitites as much as your fans do.

    hope you stay with the pads

  8. twoboysmommy@padres.net

    Doc, we need you in San Diego!!! They’d be nuts to let you go. Are you reading this, KT???

    Rough game yesterday, Doc, but it ain’t over yet! The Pads absolutely SHINE on the road and this isn’t the first time you’ve been behind but you guys always come back swinging. You can do it again. In spite of the disappointment yesterday, the team played some awesome defense, and we know you’ll get the offense back on the road. Believe in yourselves, because WE do. Go get those Redbirds and lock ’em back in their birdhouse. The Pads are the better team!!!!!! Go get ’em!

  9. kwalter1@san.rr.com

    Turns out my fab seats for games 1 and 2 were perfect for enjoying the always full out play of Dave Roberts. Game 1: when Roberts slid into home, I was about 20 rows away looking across home plate toward third. Game 2: I’m in reserved field, third base side, when Dave makes that fabulous catch. We knew he didn’t trap that ball! Keep up the great work.

  10. sexylatina731@hotmail.com

    Bring the series back home… you have to be kidding. It’s over!!! Just wait and see Padre fans. GO CARDINALS!!

  11. greatest81@hotmail.com

    Obviously it is not over, yet. Thanks Padres for giving us something to chear about this series. Honestly it was boring baseball. All I was seeing was strikeouts. Cardinals definetly had their number, and unfortunately it will be 10 in row versus the padres in the playoffs. i hope the padres prove me wrong, but it doesnt look good right now for the padres.

  12. chamoru_1@hotmail.com

    Dave, us Padre fans have still kept the faith!! We know it is a difficult hill to climb but we know you guys can do it! I love the way you play the game, giving it all you’ve got. That’s the way it should be. I had to move back home to Guam from San Diego a few years ago and I really miss going to games. I look forward to visiting Petco one day. I’ll be watching Game 3 at 3 a.m. Sunday morning here on Guam with total confidence in you guys!! GO PADRES!!!!! p.s. Mr Towers, please bring Dave Roberts back next year!!

  13. trekkxx@yahoo.com

    Dave, you are the steady spark. Keep up the hard work and husstle! The others will step in line behind you ๐Ÿ™‚ Could you do me a favor? I’d love to see you steal a base on Saturday!!!

  14. kristen_duggins@yahoo.com

    It’s really nice to see that someone who was always nice to the “bratty little sister” is still the same nice guy in the big leagues. good luck to you, we’ve been cheering for you for a while, here’s to seeing you in the world series…AGAIN!!!!

  15. mlb@scanwebsolutions.com


    The Padres are the best organization in baseball playing in the best city in baseball. From the CEO on down to the Pad Squad the Padres are a team that puts a terrific product on the field. Back to back NL West Champions.

    You have played a great couple of games here at PETCO this week. Boomer was fantastic, except one mistake in my opinion which I’ll address later, and their pitchers pitched well enough to make our team hit too many at ’em balls. That’s the breaks of baseball. You practically swept the Cardinals in new Busch Stadium on your first visit there week before last. Chris Young should pitch better than Jeff Suppan tomorrow morning and you guys will play your game and win it. Fresh Woody Williams on Sunday versus tired Chris Carpenter and we’ll have a game 5 at PETCO.

    My only point of contention with the ballgame yesterday was the Albert Pujols at bat in the fourth inning. If Boomer had just put him on base he would not have been able to get that RBI. Instead it would have been two on with no out, big deal. Boomer had been dealing all afternoon and gotten a DP when he needed one in the first inning. After the Pujols RBI single (and fielding gaff puts him on 2nd) the next two batters in that fourth inning Rolen and Encarnacion both grounded out 6-3. Either could have been a double play. Even the Edmonds infield single that scored Pujols, Walker would have made the transfer if he was throwing to 2nd instead of 1st. In my opinion the pitching staff let Albert Pujols win that game when they decided to pitch to him in the 4th inning. Done.

    I am a big baseball fan and I enjoyed watching you and the Padres this year. I still have faith that my world series ticket to game 5 will be used. You guys do your thing on the field and win some ball games. Us fans will do our thing. And no matter what none of these playoff games will be your last home games in Padres colors. Sign him up today KT!!

    Keep on rockin those basepaths, flashing that leather, and leading this team every day.

    Your pal,


    Got a flight for tonight and I’m ready to roll

    All my homies checkin fo’ me and I’m ready to GO!

    All the people wanna see me cause I’m killin the SHOW!

    All the rockers wanna be cause I’m gettin the DOUGH!

    Now Rev’s hall of fame and left as I came in

    Gotta go again cause fans want my game in

  16. mfkpadrefan1@comcast.net

    Dave, my email name says it all, ive been a Padrefan since Luke Easter played there (early 50s)…3 comments…1)start getting the 1st man on base, then you can play baseball…how many times in the 1st 2 games did no Padre get on base until 2 outs?…2) with 2 strikes, you take a whack at anything close…5 or 6 guys looked a the 3rd yesterday…3) seepum…i am now and forever a fan!

  17. Shannon

    Hey Dave Good luck Tommrow. Will be there at Game 3.If u don’t stay with San Diego i hope u go to the Reds or Phillies.Thanks for the times u were nice to me as a fan. i got to meet u a few times in St.Louis and u were always nice. I apperciate it. Bye Shannon

  18. tropixgal@yahoo.com

    Since you’ve created this space, and I was looking for somewhere to vent, this is it! You, my friend, have done an awesome job this year. We could always count on you to “get on”, and “get around”. I hope the Padres don’t make a big mistake in the off-season, when it comes to trades, y’know?
    My biggest Peeve, is the way everyone blows air up Peavey’s skirt, but there’s only one thing you can count on him for, giving up the long ball in every game he pitches. Earlier this season, all the media guys were trying to find a nickname for him. I now have a few to choose from. 1) Peavy the Paradox -or- Parodoxical Peavey. 2) Jake the Cake, and 3) Jittery Jake.

    I am sure he is a nice guy, but that doesn’t count for squat when we need to win!

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Looking forward to the next 3 games, GO PADRES!

  19. joe@xlstaffing.com

    Dave, I am sure your the one with the blog because you are the one having the best post season. Great job Dave, and I know you are trying to lead on and off the field.
    One of the coaches has got to learn how to handle Jake. He just gets so wound up, his adrenilene burns up his energy in the first two innings of big games. I also blame the coaches for not finding a way to get the hitters ready to hit. Erevyone there has the ability, but somehow the mind set is not there every game. For an entire team to go as cold as you guys do sometimes, there must be something going on in the locker room to screw up the mojo.

    Show them how Boston made the come back, Dave.

  20. syxxtnine@hotmail.com

    Hey Dave,

    I’ve been a big fan ever since you helped Boston defeat the evil empire down 3 and win the World Series. Maybe I haven’t been your fan for the longest of times but what you did with Boston, especially with what it did to make the Yankees look horrible, really meant a lot. When I heard you were coming to my home team the Padres I was very excited. I’m a very big fan of baseball and have flown out to Fenway a couple times, but the Padres are my home team. I’ve had season tickets in San Diego for about 4 years. I’ve really enjoyed watching you play and you’ve become one of my favorite players. I sit out in lower left field reserve so I get to see all your diving plays and wall jumping catches. You’re fearless! You’ve been going crazy with the triples also. And I always place bets with my mom as to which pitch it is that you’re going to steal your next base. I know you’ve come back from worse situations. Just keep doing what you’re doing. And I really hope you’ll be back next season as our everyday left fielder. No offense to Klesko, but I love your style. You?re not afraid to get your uniform dirty and i love it. I hope our team is smart enough to bring you back. Giles, Camron and Roberts sounds like a winning outfield to me.

    Anyways, best of luck to you in life and baseball. You know I’ll be rooting for you no matter what, even if you become a hated Yankee. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I’ll be rooting for you guys tomorrow night and so on.

    Take care,


  21. snowypadres@hotmail.com

    Dave, From a 38-year-old English San Diego Padres fan 8,000 miles away in Liverpool, England, I’m penning a couple of lines to say, hey, congratulations on your fabulous season for San Diego – and I’ve got my fingers crossed it will continue after Saturday. I know the Redbirds’ pitchers have just been too good for most of your teammates up to now, but this thing ain’t over yet!!!
    We’ve got the bats who can break out and score a bunch of runs and win twice in St Louis – you know that from just last month. I’m keeping faith with the ballclub!!!

    Cheers, and good luck for the rest of the season – may it continue for a long while yet!!!

    P.S. My Red Sox-supporting dad (he’s followed them since the mid-1950s) is still grateful for “The Steal”. Thanks for that, too!!!

  22. jraceved@usc.edu

    Dave, the team hasn’t come through in the clutch thats obvious, but with nothing to lose in game 3, I predict you guys will come out loose and ready to play some solid baseball. Take each game 1 at a time, and I’m confident we can take the red birds! GO PADS.

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