We’re still standing


We finally got our first lead, and it wasn’t exactly easy, but we made it stand up. We won Game 3 of the NLDS the way we’ve won so many games this season, with quality pitching, defense and just enough offense.

Chris Young gave us an exceptional pitching performance, and I expect the same from Woody Williams on Sunday. We didn’t go into the postseason to win one game — we’re going to give it all we have to take this series back to San Diego and give our fans a Game 5. I can imagine how PETCO Park would be rocking on Monday.

We were talking before Saturday’s game, and I was saying you can’t win three games in one day. You have to focus your energy and attention on what’s in front of you and forget about everything else. I think we did an excellent job of staying focused on each and every pitch.

We were excited going into the series, with high expectations. Obviously, those first two games didn’t go the way we wanted, and here we were staving off elimination. But we got what we needed, and now we move on to face a great pitcher, Chris Carpenter.

It’s definitely the ultimate challenge. I wouldn’t be against not facing this guy, to be honest. The thing that makes him so great is he throws every pitch with utmost concentration. He doesn’t let down. He holds runners on, fields his position well, does everything that goes into being a great pitcher besides having phenomenal stuff.

Carpenter really had his breaking ball going in Game 1 at PETCO, and it will be interesting to see if he stays with his pattern or changes it. It’s a game of constant adjustments.

When we get opportunities against Carpenter, we’ve got to capitalize. I expect us to get some good at-bats, and hopefully we can come through and score some runs.

Speaking of great pitching, Chris Young really wanted the ball. He was excited to pitch in this game. He’s the nicest guy in the world, but on days he pitches, he turns into a different person; he’s as tenacious as anyone. I can’t say enough about the year he had — and the way he responded to this challenge. He’s right at the top of the list in so many statistical categories, and he showed why in the way he went after the Cardinals.

That sixth inning, when they had runners on first and second and Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds were coming up, that was a turning point in the game. Striking out Pujols was huge. I loved how C.Y. went after him. Then Edmonds got into a pitch and drove it toward the fence in left-center.

I saw the ball pretty good and got a good break on it. But the sun was a factor. I had it in my sights, but it kept carrying and got in the glare. Fortunately, it came out of the sun and I saw it again right before I caught it and hit the wall. I hit it pretty good, but I’ll be ready on Sunday.

I thought we did a good job against Jeff Suppan, making him work. I was trying to get on base, create RBI opportunities for the guys in the middle of the order. It ended up being a good day, with three singles, a walk, a stolen base.

We kept getting runners on base, and it was a little frustrating not scoring more runs. But Russell Branyan got the big two-run double, and Geoff Blum drove him in with a sacrifice fly, and our pitchers took care of the rest.

It was great seeing Trevor Hoffman get in a game and finish it out. I was thinking about that Friday night, how it was going to be a crying shame if we couldn’t get Trevor into a game after the year he’s had. That would have been very disappointing to all of us.

Being the perfect team guy, Trevor wouldn’t have said a word about it, but I know he’d have been a little hurt if he hadn’t been able to participate. I’d like to see Trevor closing out another one on Sunday and push this series back home.

We know we’re capable of doing that. We just have to go out and play the game and make good things happen.


  1. trekkxx@yahoo.com

    Dave, you had another stellar performance! It was simply outstanding the way you got on base every time. Too bad the guys never hit you in 😦 The padres really will have to capitolize on those opportunites in order to get back into Petco in 2006. GO PADS.

  2. mikepaco@gmail.com

    Great job Dave! We had plenty of hits, just not at the right time. Lets keep this roll going for the next 2 games.

  3. hed0nisticpat@gmail.com

    Great Job Dave. I’m already campaigning on the message boards for you as series MVP. Excellent game and let’s bring this thing back to SD!

  4. sdspotlight@yahoo.com

    Great day to be a Padre fan. Nothing comes easy for this team…we all should quit expecting it. Woody tomorrow, and a lead for him to protect would be huge. Stay patient and make Carpenter throw the deuce for strikes. If we put 17 men on base, some are going to score 🙂 Sustained innings, not swinging for the fences! And if you can get to 3d three times tomorrow I have to believe you’ll make it home. Both tomorrow & for game 5 on Monday. – Rich, San Diego Spotlight

  5. ***********@hotmail.com

    Great performance today Dave. You just never let us fans down. We’ve finally got some runs on the board, gained some confidence. Now let’s get out there and show Carpenter what we’re made of. Keep up the good work!

    PS. Your blogs are amazing, I look foward to them every evening, props for being so personal with the fans.

  6. mlb@scanwebsolutions.com

    I agree with Rich, it is a GREAT day to be a Padres fan and lasting all day long since the game was over before 2pm here. Another early game tomorrow. Dave make sure all the young guys take it easy tonight and stay sharp for tomorrow (you know who I’m talking about: Meredith, Hensley, Young, Gonzalez, Bard, Johnson, Barfield, and Peavy).

    I know Woody is going to pitch his game tomorrow and you guys keep getting on base and passing the bat to the next guy. This Padres team can win and bring it back to PETCO for a rocking Monday afternoon.

    What’s up with the dubious lineups Bochy is testing? I wish he’d use the same lineup everyday.

    Meanwhile, good to see the Yankees knocked out and Dodgers nearly gone:

    Your pal,


    I got my mind back in Boston

    crossing back from Austin

  7. gryffindor_lupin@yahoo.com

    Dave, you were simply amazing today. I saw how badly you wanted that run earlier! And you were great at the plate and in the outfield. You’ve just been incredible, and I think you show every day how vital you are to this team.


  8. david@davidkamatoy.com

    NOW WERE TALKIN!!! Congratulations on making a great catch personally. The team waking the bats and winning the game. Breaking the Pattern. Could we be looking at a rematch of the Padres and Tigers? Anyone? Anyone? OK one game at a time. Chris Young was brilliant and today Woody Williams is on the mound, the man with the entire Lexicon of pitches at his command. Keep it up!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

  9. whitemikey182@hotmail.com

    Hey Dave,
    Awesome game yesterday and i a agree with what everyone said it was a great day to see the padres win and the dodgers and yankees lose. AWESOME!!! Well there is not a whole lot to say accept im “Keeping The Faith” and i hope you all come back here so we can cheer you on in game 5.


  10. kinsjon@yahoo.com

    Hello Dave,

    Great performance yesterday, although a tad disappointed you were stranded twice at third. It has been apparent throughout the season you are the catalyst on this team and once again seems an offensive spark will need to be ignited by you. Pressure? Naw, you’ve been doing it all year. As a former thief myself, I know the importance of speed and aggression. Let’s see you guys get to Carpenter early, take the crowd out and give Woody a cushion so he can pitch his game. Good luck gang and have fun out there today.


  11. popekitty@cox.net

    Ok guys, I got my tix for Monday! Does meditation help in these situations? Maybe envisioning the scoreboard with SD 5 / STL 0 and a big F behind them???? I’ll do some baseball voodoo here in SD and you guys play HARD in STL!!!!!

  12. twoboysmommy@padres.net

    Well, you guys sure have a way of keeping us Pads fans on our toes. I could not sit down for the entire 3 1/2 hours of the game yesterday! It just goes to show you what I’ve been telling people all year … yes, sometimes the Pads fall and they fall hard. But they always seem to pull it out when they need to. You guys seem to play your best under pressure. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be watching today and will have the credit card ready to buy tickets for tomorrow’s game at home. And we still have tickets to the championship game and World Series, which I fully expect to use. The Pads make us proud and you will again today – after yesterday, it’s clear you guys have your groove back on. Use it to whomp those Redbirds today! We love ya!

  13. andytriviany@hotmail.com

    Hey Dave! Congrats on yesterday’s win. It must have felt good. I’m from Toronto, and I’m glad I finally get to watch the Padres play! You guys are my favourite team in the NL. Hopefully Woody (A former Jay!!! 🙂 ) can help tie this series up. I was in awe when the Sunday night special featured the Padres and I got to see Woody pitch – he pitched a gem. GO PADRES GO! Also, tell Peavy that he’s Andy’s favourite pitcher in the MLB. His season may not have been the greatest, but he still has tons to be proud of…like his 16K and his homers. Next year will be better for him. DAVE ROBERTS RULES!!!!

  14. matie_konroe@yahoo.com

    What a fantastic job you guys did yesterday. I am looking foward to watching the game today and hopefully you guys win and bring it back home for a victory! GO PADRES!!!!!

    I also love reading what you have to say about the game, i think its super cool


    ps. I think its funny how everytime i watch a game, you go for a slide and end up with a dirty uniform (just like the picture above! haha)

  15. mompar@padres.net

    SO it isn’t to be this year…at least it wasn’t a sweep! And I am still and always will be a Faithful Padres Fan…HERE’S TO NEXT YEAR! GO PADS!!!

  16. mompar@padres.net

    AND it was a fun year, the ups, the downs, you all played well, you all contributed. Thank you for another historic, stellar season. As Uncle Teddy would say: MY Padres are the best!

  17. greatest81@hotmail.com

    AND once again we get eliminated from the playoffs by them cardinals. Thanks padres for wasting the pontential awesome home field advantage. Also, thanks for
    giving us exciting playoffs to see….NOT! ZERO CLUTCH HITTING is the cause for us losing the series. Oh well, its football season time. GO CHARGERS!!!!

  18. davnob5@hotmail.com

    Heh Dave, This is Dave in Okinawa where everyone here is proud of the Pads and your peformance this year. It’s not easy to be Division first place winners, back to back. Just ask many of those other teams that came up short. What was exciting to see all the young players that performed and got all that experience. Everyone here gives you and the Padres thumbs up. Dave

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